and the cognitive cities

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The future of the cities reserves us a highly digital urban environment and connected with people’s wishes.

Cognitive cities go beyond the simple application of technologies to make public services more efficient, as they indeed bring intelligence to urban services, from what the city itself “feels” through cognitive sensors and the manifestations of its own citizens.

In this context, and with the mission of using cutting-edge technologies and tools to build smarter and more cognitive cities, CityTech was created.

We want to change the reality of the urban world through technological applications to make public services of all sizes better and more efficient. We see a world more equal and accessible to all people as we bring all these innovations to everyone who lives in the cities.

The Urban Insights

is the platform that brings together public management and population’s ambitions by using the power of Artificial Intelligence to understand the real citizen needs through their manifestations on the digital world.

With Urban Insights, public managers and government teams, at all levels, can access information, points of view, trends and priority topics about what people are talking about some specific city on the Internet.

See how it works:


The citizens of a city use virtual platforms to publicly express their opinions about urban and social issues.


We capture millions of texts in real time, from various sources, also connecting to public and government data sources.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial brain, Daoura, extracts topics and contexts, generates insights and measures the sentiment of what is being talked by the citizens related to your city.

Urban Insights

We delivery the insights generated in a platform that allows powerful visualizations of these data, tailored to the context of public management.

Smart public management

By using Urban Insights, public managers and government teams access information and qualified knowledge in order to make better decisions and solve society issues.

and the benefits to your city

  • Participative

    Understand the new digital world reality and engage your citizens on your city management.

  • Government

    Understand what citizens are talking and feeling about your management on several internet medias and make an assessment of your management.

  • Impact

    Capture the perception of your citizens after the implementation of a public policy and monitor the real impact of the actions of your city management.

  • Communication
    with citizens

    Find out what are the issues discussed on the most used digital channels for citizens manifestations and communicate properly with them.

  • Urban

    Accomplish long-term urban planning by analysing the perception of the citizens of your city and the main indicators of public management.

  • Custom

    Transform your city data into relevant information and powerful insights. Share your challenges with our data specialists.

  • 100+ Sources
    of collection
  • 3MM+ Interpreted
  • 70+ Monitored

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